Women's Ministries


Vision Statement

For every Woman to be upheld, encouraged, and challenged to live up to her calling as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Mission Statement

The Welsh Mission Womens Ministries Department - through the power of the Holy Spirit - seeks to enable, empower, nurture, and train all Women to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ whilst also ministering to those around them to enlarge the Kingdom of God.


Values Statement

Knowledge: Providing opportunity for Women to develop their understanding of Jesus Christ and their Christian journey through Bible study, Prayer Meetings, Preaching and Teaching 

Relationship: Assisting Women to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ, their families and each other through various interactions which will include Retreats and Special days as detailed by the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist Womens Ministries Department

Unity: To be united in love despite the differences

Teamwork: Implementing a teamworking approach not just on a local level but also interdepartmentally across the Mission to meet the needs of our Churches and Communities.

Personal Development: Assisting Women to develop their Spiritual gifts so that they can be utilised in the service of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Wellbeing: Promoting the Spiritual, Physical and Mental Wellbeing of those within our Churches and Communities




Women's Ministries

Welsh Mission

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