Charity Concert

Charity Concert

Concert details

30 November 2019 WATFORD, United Kingdom


30 November 2019 06:00 PM
Free places


Who we are and what we do       

Mamas in need is a charity that was launched to help vulnerable and disadvantaged pregnant women and babies in the rural villages in Africa in particular but not exclusively, by preventing maternal and infant mortality.

Reason for the concert

The purpose of this fundraising concert is to build a new maternity centre in a village in Africa.  The current building of the maternity centre was built by an age grade as a donation to the local community. Unfortunately, it was abandoned before completion.
The Maternity centre is located on the ground floor while the first floor is being used by one of the churches in the community. It comprises a waiting room, which can also be used for training, two delivery rooms with a bed in each and one storage room. The windows are broken, and they have no external doors. There are no toilets in this building so the pregnant mothers have to go out of the building. Usually anywhere in the bushes does the job which causes infections and diseases.

This maternity centre runs quite a few risks operating at this site. The building can be taken away from them at any point in time as they do not have a contractual agreement with the age grade that built it. Rebuilding this site or donating equipment to this site will be at a risk.

The pregnant women and their children are unsafe in this building as they have no secured entrance and no protection against mosquitoes.


Stanborough Park Church
609 St Albans Road
United Kingdom

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