Pathfinder Club Launch and Baptism

Swansea Church

Pathfinder Club Launch and Baptism

Sabbath 5th September 2019 was a day of double blessings for Swansea SDA Church. 

In the morning we were excited to launch our new Pathfinder Club – adorned with a variety of uniforms, scarves, and woggles, members and visitors all participated in the program. The message from Pastor Bran included a reminder of the values that Pathfindering can teach our young people, not just within church but in their daily lives too. The number of people who stood and recited the Pathfinder law and pledge, and heartily sang the Pathfinder song goes to show that there are principles that we never forget and memories we are proud to see the next generation make.

In the afternoon, we were blessed to witness the baptism of Fezzy Shaputu, who has been a student at Swansea University for a number of years and who celebrated her graduation this summer. She had made the decision some time ago to be baptised, and we were honoured that she wanted to share this day with her Swansea church family before she returns home to Zambia. The beautiful service inspired 6 people to make a decision for baptism – most of that group were young people, which made a fitting end to a day that encouraged and uplifted all our young people.

Loren Latchman