Welsh Mission Children’s day 2019

Welsh Mission Children’s day 2019

A Child Shall Lead Them
The day started at 10 am with the praise team which was combined with Newtown and Telford’s young people. A new children’s song entitled “We Are Royalty” was launched on the day written by Omar, Paris and Khalon Mckenzie. 

The morning programme comprised of workshop presentations; Eileen Mckenzie led out with the first on prayer, where she encouraged the children to make a space in their bedrooms for a prayer corner. Two other workshops followed one on preaching presented by Kenroy Mckenzie, and another on music by Marie Jones. The Sabbath school lessons for ages 0 to 8, was conducted by Paris Mckenzie and Aliyah Pearce, whilst the adult lesson study was led by Newton Brown.

I would like our children to be trained in the different areas of the church, I have found that our children are blessed with the gift of presenting, singing, praying and much more. I would like to thank Tremaine Dodo from Telford Church and Khalon Mckenzie from Newtown for their wonderful messages “a child shall truly lead them”.

The afternoon programme was wonderful, the children were presented with certificates for good attendance, good behaviour and regular study of their sabbath school lessons. Adults also received certificates for service to the children’s department for 5 or more years. The afternoon continued, where verses from the bible were recited from memory by our children in Newport, followed by a wonderful poem and songs given by our churches from the North to the South of Wales, as well as Wolverhampton. 

I would like to thank the Welsh Mission for sponsoring this event, the children ministries leaders, and parents that attended to support those who took part in the programme, also thanks to the catering team lead by Andrea Brown, Newtown church and Elvis Pearce God bless you all.

Then were there brought unto him little children that he should put his hands on them, and pray……”
Matthew 19:13

Photographs supplied by Miles McClynet & Lorna Green.