Our Vision

To actively and joyfully promote health and wellbeing in the church and community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to listen, learn and support members in the Welsh Mission, as they engage in restorative ministry that will benefits the entire community and nurture and support health and wellbeing.

Our Principles

Health Ministries values its heritage and association with a world-wide organisation that pioneered health and nutrition guidelines that is only now being validated by scientific research. Through this we strive to enhance, embrace and celebrate life in all its dimensions; the physical, mental, social and spiritual.


Our Focus in 2019-2022

 ACTIVELY LISTENING to our youth, members, departments and the wider community and find ways to partner and support health initiatives within the church and the community.                                     

 LEARN the lessons from our shared history and legacy and address health concerns and signpost when necessary.

ENGAGE health professional and members with training so that they can be involved in health ministries. To invest and equip the next generation to make a difference and lasting impression in their communities.

Listen                Learn                 Engage



  • To become experts at listening to people’s stories and issues and to walk alongside them on their journeys.
  • Consult with church and community members and listen to their stories understand their journeys.
  • Value their contribution, knowledge and skills of our members.
  • Embrace and utilise our full cultural profile.
  • Listen to our youth.


  • Raise awareness of health issues in the community and be a voice for those who are victims of health inequalities.
  • Learn about health from Biblical sources, inspired authors, scientific research and nature.
  • Learn from their stories and journey and craft solutions to solve the issues highlighted.
  • Learn what is available in the community and build connections with other agencies.
  • Learn about our limitations and acknowledge that we do not have all the answers.


  • Its only after listening and learning that we can begin to formulate plans and implement a variety of programs. programs.
  • Events should be well planned and well promoted, taking placed in safe and suitable venues.
  • Plan to participation in community event—fayres, exhibitions, national health awareness days.
  • Train and equip members before venturing out into the community.
  • Identify, train and equip suitable individuals to be the face of the organisation in the future.
  • Encourage the creation of suitable ministries and health initiatives.
  • Partner with the Youth Ministries in establishing sporting events for the youth.

Glenville Daniel

Health Ministries

Welsh Mission