Oldest Member of Plymouth ADventist Church Turns 90

You wouldn't believe June Baptist, when you ask for her age and she tells you that she is 90 years old. When you start talking to her you discover a lady whose eyes still light up and whose spirit still uplifts. June is currently the oldest member in Plymouth Seventh-day Adventist church.

She is a native of what was then known as Anglo-India. The oldest of a family of five, she was sent to an Adventist boarding school at a young age of eight. Her parents wanted their children to have an Adventist education from their primary years. All her siblings followed her, and she stayed at boarding school for nine years.

Her parents decided to emigrate to the United Kingdom a few years later. June soon followed after marrying Philip her husband, a computer programmer and analyst. With a three-year-old son called Lloyd, she and her husband then moved to the UK and later settled in Plymouth. She continued to work as a telephonist and secretary for a profitable company.

June and her husband remained devoted Adventists. Her husband sadly passed away seven years ago, followed by her sister five years later. To this day June remains faithful, filling the family church pew every Sabbath.

On 18 June, June arrived at the golden age of 90, and testifies of a God who has and still is continuously good to her. One strength June has is her love for people and no matter where she goes, whether it's on the bus or waiting for an appointment at the surgery, June takes the opportunity to tell someone about Jesus and the church she attends.

June is an inspiration and we honour her for the long life she is living.