Having fun is the secret

TelfordHezron Ottey

Telford Seventh-day Adventist church embarks on a sporting engagement within the local community each week on a Monday night at the local college (Telford College of Arts & Technology). Every Monday night at 8pm - 10pm the Telford community basketball initiative can be seen, heard and experienced where local community guys of all ages come together to have fun and play the game of basketball. This has generated continual support not least from the community and has brought together a comradery that would not have been had it not be for this sporting connection. This week is the last session for this year, however, the guys from the community have expressed their unreserved commitment to the basketball sessions for the coming year. Many plans are in place to structure a basketball league from this initiative which will bolster our connection even more within the local community of Telford. So if you’re in the Telford area on a Monday night and would to experience this fun-loving community connection with some great bunch of guys who just loves to play the game please don’t hesitate to get in touch and join us. 
Our facebook page address “ Telford SDA Community basketball