ASI-UK Relaunch at Newbold: 2 March 2024

ASI-UK Relaunch at Newbold: 2 March 2024

Mike Garkov

On Sabbath 2 March 2024, a historic event will take place at Newbold College. ASI-UK is being relaunched, and the inauguration ceremony is expected to be attended by Dr Daniel Duda, Trans-European Division President, Pastor Eglan Brooks, British Union Conference President, and other church officials. Adventist Laymen's Services & Industries (ASI) is a global organisation of Adventist laypeople who actively support the mission of the church. The diverse group includes professionals, business owners, supporting ministries, and missionaries – in short, Adventists from all walks of life. The ASI members' lifestyle is their motto – 'Sharing Christ in the marketplace'.

ASI originates in Madison College, a self-supporting institution established in 1904 near Nashville. Ellen White, a staunch advocate of the concept, played a vital role in the college's establishment. Over time, the organisation grew, and during its official formation meeting in 1947, Ellen White's statement was frequently cited: "The work of God in this earth can never be finished until the men and women comprising our church membership rally to work, and unite their efforts with those of ministers and church officers" (Gospel Workers, p. 352). This statement encapsulates ASI's mission – to inspire laypeople to engage in mission work and work hand-in-hand with church ministers and officers. ASI aims to foster togetherness and inspiration among its members.

ASI is a powerful organisation with 19 chapters across Europe. After many years of anticipation, the ASI-UK chapter will be relaunched on 2 March. All church members interested in knowing more or becoming a part of it are invited to Newbold that afternoon. For additional information, please visit Let us pray for the Lord to propel the launch of ASI-UK into a robust network led by the Spirit, inspiring members for mission work so that multitudes of people in the UK can be reached for Jesus.